Getting Less Muddy: MTB Categories

Mountain bike categories these days grow as fast as bottom bracket standards change. XC, Trail, Enduro, All-Mountain… We gave some of our QBP engineers and product managers a few beers and asked them to try and make sense of it all.



The new face of mountain bike competition—with all its ups and downs


The harder it is to get to the bottom of the mountain the better


 When speed and efficiency are your primary drivers


Is “Trail” just the new name for “mountain biking”?


Andrew Cottrell, Industrial Designer for Salsa — “The compartmentalization of mountain biking is good for riders because it has led to more tailored ride experiences.”

Andy Skoglund, Engineer for Surly — “Pros and cons are real, but take opinions with a grain of salt, ride your trails, try new stuff, and figure out what you want your bike to do.”

Justin Steiner, Product Manager for Salsa — “The beauty of the ever-changing MTB landscape is the continual performance advancements...and the technological trickle down that brings increased performance to lower price points.”

Pete Koski, Engineer for Salsa — “These days riders can get bikes with geometry that is better suited to everyday trail use instead of being forced into riding aggressive race bikes.”

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