Our Values

As a values-driven company, making the world a better place has always been at the heart of everything QBP does.

Act with Integrity

We behave with the highest sense of ethical conduct; we live and act with integrity and honesty so that we do what we say we will do and are honest about ourselves and our actions. We are deeply trustworthy and honorable.

Be a True Partner

We seek deep partnerships based on trust and respect. We create solutions and benefits that have all parties thrive, win and grow. We prefer transformational partnerships over transactional ones.

Create Something Special

Make a difference to others every day, bring our specialness to work, have fun, be the change we want to see happen, transform the world.

Deliver Greatness

We care immensely about our personal contribution. We work hard, smart, and effectively! We deliver high performance results, we constantly work to get better results. We set goals high and we celebrate success.

Keep the Customer First

In every decision and action, we consider the customers first. We never lose our focus on our customers; we exist to serve them.

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Expanding Ridership

We work with local bike advocacy organizations and with national non-profits to get more butts on bikes. Here are the four strategic areas we focus on:

Regional Outreach

QBP supports regional and statewide organizations that promote bicycle advocacy with local governments. It often takes a blend of local, grassroots knowledge and government support to get initiatives off the ground.

Trail Networks

QBP backs organizations that work on the expansion and creation of trail systems. Any kind of trail from singletrack to paved urban trails can increase participation in cycling, so each mile of new trail built means more butts on bikes.

Community Building

QBP believes in supporting local projects that have a big impact on their communities. By promoting cycling, we are fighting poverty, overcoming transportation and employment issues, and promoting a healthy lifestyle in underserved communities.

Bike-Friendly Infrastructure

QBP helps guide and fund efforts to ensure that bicycles are an essential part of balanced transportation policy. We work with politicians and bike lobby groups to make sure cyclists’ needs are being considered.


Making Responsible Choices

Sustainable business practices are deeply connected with the health of our planet. QBP constantly works to reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and find more efficient ways to get and distribute goods.

Shrinking Our Footprint With LEED

QBP built our distribution centers in Minnesota, Utah, and Pennsylvania to LEED standards established by the U.S. Green Council. The buildings are designed to save energy and resources and minimally impact the environment. Our facilities feature solar panels, comprehensive recycling, buildings made with repurposed materials, and even on-site vermiculture composting.

Not only are these buildings environmentally friendly, they're kind to the bottom line, too. Square foot for square foot, the energy-frugal facilities generate bigger long-term return on investment than conventionally built structures. Almost all of our sustainable features have an ROI of less than 10 years.

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Working Out to Work

QBP’s Bike Commuting Program

The benefits of commuting by bike are far greater than saving money on gas and taking in some pleasant scenery. People who regularly bike to work enjoy better health, experience less stress, and are happier and more productive—at work and beyond. They are also doing their part to create a more sustainable environment. And what better way to experience the pure joy and freedom of cycling than gliding past traffic jams on your way to work?

QBP - Working out to work

That's why QBP does much more than encourage employees to bike to work. We actively support cycling as a way of life by providing:

  • Indoor and outdoor parking for hundreds of bikes
  • Lockers, showers, and towel service on site
  • Commuter credits for purchasing bike parts, accessories, and apparel
  • Pro deals on bike products
  • Maps and route information for novice commuters
  • Free breakfast or lunch on Bike to Work Days